‘Stardew Valley’ creator “can’t believe” its new sales milestone

Smash hit indie farming sim Stardew Valley has now reached a monumental milestone with 20 million copies sold, according to developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone.

The news comes via Stardew Valley press page, which says that the game in March 2022 had sold a total of 20 million copies, of which 13 million on PC alone. In another email PC playersBarone expressed his distrust of its success and said: “The milestone of 20 million copies is truly amazing. I can not believe that the game has reached this level.”

This number sets Stardew Valley together with such as Rocket League, Terraria, and Minecraft as one of the best-selling indie games of all time. Needless to say, there are a large number of sales even according to AAA standards, and the pace does not seem to slow down. The track may actually turn in the opposite direction, as the game in January 2020 (almost four years after the original PC release) had sold 10 million, and sales doubled in just over two years.

Stardew Valley. Credit: ConcernedApe.

Barone clarified that the game actually consistently did better than ever: “The average daily sales of Stardew Valley is higher today than ever, he says. “I’m not really sure why that is. My hope is that the game will just continue to spread by word of mouth, and the more people who play it, the more people will share the game with their friends. Regardless, I’m very happy about that. the Stardew Valley is still so popular. “

Despite the seemingly never-ending success of Stardew Valley, Barone refuses to be complacent and is currently working on two new titles. One of them is Haunted Chocolatier, although it does not currently have a specified release date.

In other news, an upcoming Arma stream will reveal the “future” of the series.

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