Super apps are fine but can they work here?

How would these two ideas work? This is a good idea about the idea of ​​a “superapp” and whether a superapp has a chance to succeed in India. And what does the term superapp even mean? Is a pure online composition of unrelated companies with a physical DNA a superapp? Interestingly, even the big tech … Read more

Google Play Removes Apps for Gathering Personal Data: Report

Google has reportedly removed several apps from its Play Store after the company discovered that these apps collected users’ personal data, including location, phone numbers and email addresses. Google said it regularly “takes appropriate action” against apps that do not comply with its policies. Google recently removed six apps infected with Sharkbot antitrust software from … Read more

Twitter Employees to Meet With New Board Member Elon Musk

Twitter plans to hold a meeting for employees who are concerned about Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s influence on the company’s board, a Twitter spokesperson said on Friday. The Twitter official did not disclose the time frame or format of the meeting. The social media company appointed Musk to the board on Tuesday after the outspoken … Read more

Google Removes Six Sharkbot-Infected Apps Posing as Antivirus Apps

Google has reportedly removed six apps infected with the Sharkbot bank robbery software from the Google Play Store. The apps were downloaded 15,000 times before being thrown out of the store. All six apps were designed to pose as antivirus solutions for Android smartphones and were designed to select targets using a geofencing feature and … Read more

Chennai Techie Briefly Turned Zomato Delivery Worker Explains Key Challenges

“Please help / support our warriors”, wrote a Chennai technician who became a Zomato delivery worker for a few days in a post on LinkedIn, explaining the challenges he faced during his short experience. Srinivasan Jayaraman, who recently left his job as an IT analyst at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), joined Zomato for two days … Read more

Amazon Opposes Recent Labor Union Elections in New York

Amazon accused the new union at a warehouse in New York of threatening workers if they did not vote to organize, a claim that a labor group lawyer called “really absurd.” A second working group, the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), which lost a bid to organize an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, also … Read more

Chinese Firms Use AI Software for Surveillance

Dozens of Chinese companies have built software that uses artificial intelligence to sort data collected about residents, amid high demand from authorities who want to upgrade their monitoring tools, a review of government documents from Reuters shows. According to more than 50 publicly available documents reviewed by Reuters, dozens of entities in China over the … Read more

Six Android Apps Found To Be Spreading Banking Malware: Full List

Market research firm Check Point Research has discovered six Android apps in the Google Play Store that spread malware to banks by presenting themselves as antivirus apps. Malware detected in these apps is called “Sharkbot”, which is known for stealing credentials and banking information from Android users. According to Check Point Research, 62 percent of … Read more