ARMs Offer Lower Mortgage Rates, but There’s a Catch

In response to rising mortgage rates, many of today’s home buyers have turned to mortgages with adjustable interest rates, or ARM. The share of ARM loans jumped from around 3% in early January to almost 11% in May, levels not seen since 2008, according to Mortgage bankers’ association. Interest-adjustable mortgages usually come with lower initial … Read more

Best and Worst Ways to Use Your Home Equity

When the available capital in the home rises, you may be tempted to turn your stock earnings into cash with a home loan or refinancing. Homeowners saw equity increase by 34% over the past year to an average of $ 207,000 per borrower, according to Black knight, a provider of mortgage technology and data. But … Read more

No-Doc Mortgages Are Back, and Here’s What You Need to Know

Mortgage without income verification, with its battered reputation, is still an option for some borrowers who have trouble getting a traditional home loan. You may be familiar with this loan under other names: no-doc, low-doc or specified income loans. Critics of these loans say they allowed risky borrowers in the early 2000s to buy homes … Read more

Payday Loan Consolidation Could Break Your Debt Cycle

Payday lenders provide short-term loans in small dollars to borrowers who need cash quickly. Usually you do not have to go through a credit check to get money, and your payment will be made within two to four weeks. However, many borrowers are unable to repay their payday loans over a period of two to … Read more

Paying for Your Kid’s College? Compare Federal vs. Private Parent Student Loans

Parents who want to help their children pay for college may have invested in a 529 college savings plan or reviewed a school’s financial aid package. But often the total cost of attendance – not just tuition, but also books and food and nutrition – is not entirely covered by savings or financial support. In … Read more

Found Your House? It’s Time to Lock In Your Mortgage Rate.

A mortgage interest rate lock allows you to keep your interest rate unchanged for a certain period of time, usually between your buyer’s offer being accepted and you closing your new home. Locking in your interest rate can help you better plan for future mortgage costs, as interest rates can fluctuate – for better or … Read more

Should You Rent or Buy When Mortgage Rates Are High?

Every year, millions of Americans struggle with the question of whether to buy a house or rent. Unfortunately, the answer is seldom unambiguous. Many factors influence this difficult decision. But the choice becomes even more difficult when both rents and housing prices skyrocket, as is now the case in many places. In addition, mortgage rates … Read more

Ascent Funding Student Loans Review

Find the best student loans for you What types of student loan options does Ascent Funding offer? Undergraduate loans with or without co-signatories. Graduate loans with or without co-signatories. Medical and dental education loans. Loans for international students and dreamers with a co-subscriber. Options with fixed and variable interest rates. How Does Ascent Funding Student … Read more

Lend-Grow Student Loan Refinancing Review

Find the best lenders for refinancing student loans What types of student loans does Lend-Grow offer? Lend-Grow’s online marketplace with more than 1,000 lenders offers U.S. borrowers refinancing loans for students from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000. private student loans used for professional courses or for associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Parents can also apply … Read more