How to Make Your Musical Magnum Opus on an iPad

For all things that Apple’s iPad does right – high definition movies on the go, games, more and more common cafes payment terminal—it rarely gets its due as a powerful musical tool. Whether you have an infectious beat in your head you want to turn into a ringtone, you want to learn some music theory, … Read more

The 13 Top New Features in Android 13—and How to Install It

Android 13 is the next version of Google’s mobile operating system (internally codenamed Tiramisu for all you dessert fans), and as usual it brings a number of new features and upgrades to Android phones and tablets. We’ve been playing with it for a few weeks, and it’s more evolution than revolution compared to Android 12. … Read more

Why Watch Content on Your Phone When You Can Watch It on Your TV?

Back when smartphones was still a new thing and HDTVs were much less smart – oh, about 10 years ago – putting what was on the phone screen on a TV screen usually involved an adapter dongle, a cable and lots of frustration. Today, improved wireless standards, smart TVs, streaming media apps and devices like … Read more

How to Buy and Set Up a Projector for Your Home Movie Theater

Depending on what you’re watching and your budget, a 1080p (“Full HD”) projector is still a good buy, as many programs and movies are not streaming at a super-high bit rate at 4K yet anyway. That said, many modern projectors offer 4K resolution, with the biggest advantage being the higher dynamic range of that content … Read more