COPD Causes Premature Aging of the Immune System

COPD patients were shown to show a number of changes associated with immunosensitivity, in particular a decrease in CD4 + and CD8 + T cells, which are key elements in the immune system. The study involved 92 individuals divided into four groups: COPD patients (21), smokers with no signs of lung disease (22), healthy elderly … Read more

World Lupus Day 2022: Standing Along With the Lupus Patients

The global annual observation also focuses on the need for improved patient care and increased research on causes and cures for ; from now on there is no cure for lupus. This would provide better epidemiological data on lupus globally which would further assist with earlier diagnosis and treatment of lupus. ). Lupus means “wolf” … Read more

Plant Virus Has Special Power in Fighting Cancer, Says Study

Its performance has been unmatched by other anti-cancer strategies that the team has tested. But the exact reasons for its success have remained a mystery. In a new study published in the journal Molecular PharmaceuticsThe researchers reveal details that explain why the cowpea mosaic virus in particular is exceptionally effective against cancer. A startup in … Read more