Ditch These Negative Mental Habits to Thrive at Work

If you often think negatively about your job, you may have a toxic mindset about your job. While it is easy to blame certain people or situations as the source of your workplace misery, it is important to explore whether your own thought patterns and emotions may be influential for your experience with your boss … Read more

₹19 to ₹184: Multibagger small-cap stock gives 850% return in 3 years

Multibagger stock: In the wake of the global economy that collapsed during inflation and the geopolitical crisis, the Indian stock market has also corrected with Nifty and Sensex correcting over 10 percent during the YTD era. But there are some selective stocks in the medium and small company categories, which have remained isolated from the … Read more

How small measures can help you make big money in real estate

As the saying goes, there is no easy money in this world, you have to make an effort to make money. Even in real estate investments, it is possible to make money through smart tools and instruments. Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Although a newer phenomenon on the Indian subcontinent is REITs, it … Read more

Mutual fund calculator: ₹10,000 monthly SIP turns to ₹6 lakh in 3 years

Fund calculator: Investing in small company funds in the long term is recommended because it provides a higher return than medium-sized and large funds. This is because small company funds mainly invest in small company shares that rise or fall faster than medium-sized and large shares. But when the market is available at a discounted … Read more

Mutual fund calculator: ₹10,000 monthly SIP turns to ₹17.52 lakh in 7 years

Fund calculator: Investment experts advise fund investors to invest in small company funds if their perspective is long-term. They are of the opinion that small company funds in the long term provide higher returns than medium and small plans. Quant Small Cap Fund – Direct Plan is an eye-catching example of this. Over the past … Read more

Mutual funds allowed to invest in global stocks. How it will impact MF investors

Fund companies can now resume investments in global stock markets. According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), mutual fund houses (MFs) can now resume investments in global stock markets within the total mandate limit of $ 7 billion for the industry. According to investment experts, this will help long-term fund investors take … Read more

Paying for Your Kid’s College? Compare Federal vs. Private Parent Student Loans

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Your Guide to Internships in 2022

Work experience, often available through an internship, is one of the best ways a beginner or student can learn about a desired career path. Here’s what you need to know about internships, including how things are going for them in 2022. What is an internship? (Getty Images) Usually structured for eight to 12 weeks, internships … Read more

What to Know About the PTO Model

Once upon a time, most organizations offered their employees leave in the categories for which they were used. These traditional plans included a combination of sick days, personal days and vacation days. In recent decades, however, more companies have adopted the paid leave model, or PTO. Here’s what you need to know about it and … Read more