Tejasswi Prakash calls relationship with Karan Kundrra ‘not normal’ as she speaks about dating an actor for the first time

Actor Tejasswi Prakash, who is currently seen in Naagin 6, opens up for the first time about what it is like to date an actor. The winner of Bigg Boss 15 has a relationship with his fellow competitor Karan Kundrra.

Actor Tejasswi Prakash paints the city red with his actor partner Karan Kundrra. Whether it’s the two of them engaging in PDAs on social media, or fooling around with their dad on the streets of Mumbai, Prakash and Kundrra do not shy away from anything. Interestingly, this is not only the first time Prakash has talked about her relationship in public, but she claims that it is also the first time she has dated an actor. “Karan has been loud about her dating history before. On the other hand, I am an extremely private person. I have never dated an actor. I was always afraid that things would leak. So for me it is new,” she jokes.

Ask her what the difference is between dating an actor and a non-actor and she responds quickly: “It’s a huge difference. No one cares if you’re out with your boyfriend if he’s not an actor. They let you be. “With Karan, people know his car. It’s not a normal relationship.” When she remembers an incident when her Valentine’s roll with Kundrra was deleted from her Instagram due to an error, she adds, “Our fans turned. “How could she delete the post?” were the kind of things I heard. (So) You just have to be prepared for questions and posts. Every little movement they watch. ”

TejRan as fans call them are often subjected to several guesses. If Kundrra is discovered with a tilak on his head, a smoke must have taken place or if Prakash does not post for Kundrra’s show, there is something between the two. “All the positive rumors about roka and shaadi, I love them all. (But also) It’s funny. Why should I tell you (people who ask) if rokan has happened, if we are planning our wedding or if we are buying a house? Wo humare bok ke baat hain. In my head I think why do you want to know? But it’s nice and sweet. If the negatives, I’m not used to it, “she develops.

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