Ten injured in altercation over quality of chicken meat turns violent

A chicken shop owner and nine others suffered burns after a group of retailers threw acid at them after a quarrel over the quality of chicken meat sold by the shop owner to the latter in the village of Tippapur in the Vemulawada mandal around midnight on Thursday.

The incident occurred when some sellers of Sapthagiri Colony raised an argument with the owner of the chicken shop Harish and claimed that the chicken meat bought by them from his shop earlier in the day was of poorer quality and rotten. A heated argument arose between them, which soon became violent and ended in a clash, sources said.

In a rage, the angry street vendors allegedly threw acid at Harish and several others, who reportedly intervened on behalf of the latter in the melee.

The street fight that took place at midnight triggered panic among the locals.

Harish and nine others sustained multiple injuries in the incident. The injured were moved to various hospitals in the cities of Sircilla and Karimnagar shortly after midnight on Thursday. The condition of one of the injured was stated to be serious.

Those injured in the acid attack claimed that the attackers attacked them with sticks before pouring acid on them under the influence of ganja.

Sources said that both groups filed a police report against each other after the incident.


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