This Singapore jewellery brand works with artisans with autism to create intricate beaded pieces


As it looks, they are happy that they have managed to ride out the last two years. In addition to having to overcome the retail crisis and a reduced demand for women’s accessories, their focus was on ensuring that their craftsmen could handle the effects of the pandemic.

“The disruption of the routines was difficult for the craftsmen because they had come to work consistently for a few years,” says Choo, about the various restrictions that the country has had to cope with since 2020.

Due to interruptions and disruptions in regular production, the Eden + Elie team decided to devote their time to training the craftsmen in new patterns and designs instead.

We started teaching them to weave our medallion earrings, which are a circular pattern and require different stitches. It was a more difficult pattern because the pieces themselves are very small compared to say, a bracelet and the stitches must be made in a certain way that had much less tolerance, says Choo and added that they also cooperated with the Autism Resource Center to provide job support and health checks for artisans.


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