Tips For Choosing The Best WordPress Hosting

What is WordPress hosting?

Web hosting is the simplest form of hosting that you get as a customer.

Most people now use this service as their one stop shop to publish and manage their website. This usually comes with a cost, which should fit your website’s budget.

Web hosting is the process of installing, configuring, and managing a computer on a network, or in the case of shared hosting, multiple computers on a server. Each computer runs with a copy of the WordPress management software, or distribution.

For websites that host databases, a dedicated server may be the better solution. If the database needs extra security, a dedicated server with multiple layers of security could be the best option.

Each type of hosting has its own pros and cons, and that’s why it’s up to you to choose the right one for you.

WordPress hosting types

The various options for WordPress hosting include Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress hosting. Here is a detailed review of each of them and why they are more suited for your needs.

Free WordPress hosting

A free WordPress hosting plan allows you to install WordPress on a single server which includes a basic website and some security tools such as a firewall. However, a free plan does not provide additional features such as reseller plugins. You can also create new websites in these free WordPress hosting plans but do not have the chance to promote them.

Shared WordPress hosting

Shared hosting usually provides more RAM, storage space, and bandwidth than a free WordPress hosting plan. However, shared hosting can be an expensive solution for many sites.

How to choose the best WordPress hosting for your needs

As mentioned, when building a website, there are different hosting options available. They include shared, dedicated, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting. There are also less popular and lesser expensive options such as Cloud, Linux, and Solaris virtual hosting. Although these may seem similar, each option has its own distinct features and benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits you should consider when choosing the best WordPress hosting for your needs:

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is ideal for beginners. With cloud hosting, there are no setup and maintenance fees.

Cloud hosting allows you to use unlimited storage and bandwidth. Cloud hosting also removes your servers from the eyes of your customers.

Free WordPress hosting

A free hosting service will usually allow you to create a basic website with a custom domain name. Many of the free hosting providers are based in the United States, Europe, Australia or Canada. Free hosting comes with certain restrictions. For example, you will have to host your website in their low-traffic hours. This is because hosting costs money. The best free hosting providers will have a special built-in search engine to allow you to find specific keywords and phrases. Some of the best free hosting providers are:



WP Engine

Managed WordPress hosting

Many of the best managed WordPress hosting providers offer their services for free or at a very low cost. This is a good choice if you are a new or small business.

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