Toggle Car Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

How Toggle’s Auto Insurance Works

There are three different levels of coverage for car owners: Basic, Extra and Elite. Basic covers the main crash risks like wind and rain and prevents damage to the interior and trunk. Extra covers theft, vandalism, fire, collision and liability claims and comes with increased coverage limits and higher deductibles. Elite covers collision, theft, liability and road traffic accidents.

It’s important to note that the coverage is applied in that order. Only a driver can change insurance coverage level and that level cannot be changed once it’s applied.

Section 2: The Car Insurance Marketplace

While you can sign up for any level of auto insurance policy, there are a few programs that offer coverage for affordable rates.

What To Consider And What You Can Get

So, what kinds of renters insurance do you need? With different coverage levels, coverage can be less expensive.

Liability coverage: Increases the limit of the deductible, or the amount you pay if you are found liable. This is more important to renters than car insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance: Not required with rent, and you can usually get less coverage with this type of policy. Check with your landlord before you get a policy.

Comprehensive coverage: Protects you from liability, property damage, and loss or theft of personal property. Since it includes liability, it’s a better bet than a basic liability policy.

Non-collision insurance: Protects you against theft or vandalism of your property and provides coverage in the case you’re attacked while you’re away from home.

How Toggle’s Renters Insurance Works

Toggle offers free car insurance quotes from carriers like Allstate, Geico, and Progressive. After filling out your information, the site will tell you which carriers offer the best prices. After narrowing down your options, you’ll get a quote that includes a deductible, optional add-ons, and your car’s value. At that point, you can choose to buy either your car or the coverage, or get both and have them combined. The process will take about 30 minutes and then you can start to negotiate prices with your auto insurance carrier. If the price works, Toggle sends you a new quote and you can complete the process online.

Be aware that you have the ability to cancel anytime.

Additional Insurance Options

Most renters insurance policies provide no in-house option for auto insurance. If you need additional insurance protection, ask your carrier if they offer supplemental insurance. These policies cover the cost of your automobile when you don’t have coverage.


Most renters insurance policies have exclusions for certain auto collisions or incidents that occur while you are in your rental vehicle. For example, renters insurance does not cover vandalism or accidents caused by the use of non-standard automobiles. Keep in mind that your policy may offer coverage for common types of non-standard cars that you would see while renting a car, like Porsches, Lexus, or Maseratis.

That’s what’s covered in most online renters insurance policies.


Now that you know all about the ins and outs of renting from Zipcar and how to do it the right way, you’re ready to ditch your car and save big.

Renters Insurance Vs. Car Insurance

Renters insurance is for people who don’t have a car to use or drive at the moment. They’re looking to rent a car for a short amount of time or they have no vehicle of their own.

Car insurance covers your car and protects you and your passengers from theft, bodily injury, and property damage in the event of a crash. It’s a much bigger purchase, though, and more expensive for most renters.

More Car Insurance Tips

If you drive a lot of miles and are planning to do more long distance driving this year, it may be worth considering increasing your auto insurance policy.

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