Tom Parker: Ed Sheeran ‘helped out with medical bills’ during Wanted star’s treatment for fatal brain cancer

Ed Sheeran helped pay for part of Tom Parker’s treatment for an inoperable brain tumor, the deceased wanted star revealed in his autobiography.

The 33-year-old singer told his fans he was suffering from an aggressive of cancer back in October 2020, and after fighting the disease for 18 months, unfortunately however, in March.

Parks and Sheeran became friends after the Shape of You singer joined the British-Irish boy band on their tour bus during a trip to America over 10 years ago.

Parker with his wife Kelsey – mother of the couple’s three children – in the picture 2016

In an excerpt from the book published in The Sun, Parker writes: “Pretty much from the moment I was diagnosed, Ed Sheeran reached out to me with an offer to do everything he could to help.

“I’ve never said this publicly before (and he’s probably going to get mad that I do now) but Ed is a very special man – he even helped with my medical bills when I was looking for other treatment options and had private immunotherapy.

“He did not have to do any of that, though my wife Kelsey and I am so grateful to him for his support. That meant the world. “

Sheeran has not publicly commented on the donations.

The father of three also revealed that when he was diagnosed with the “worst case scenario” – a grade 4 brain tumor called glioblastoma – he did not ask doctors how long he had left to live as he “needed to be” able to live with hope.

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Tom Parker speaks to Sky News 2021

He praised his wife Kelsey for her support and described how the couple first met after meeting at a nightclub with Pixie Lott.

He calls her his “guardian angel” and “rock” and admits “I was pretty s ***** against her during our first year”, refused to call her his girlfriend and only later realized that she was the only one.

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Hope, published posthumously, tells the story of Parker’s life in Wanted, his role as father and husband, and his determination and positive outlook on his inoperable brain tumor diagnosis.

Hope by Tom Parker will be published on May 26, 2022.

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