Trai asks telcos to offer 30-day validity plans

NEW DELHI : The Indian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has ordered that all operators must provide at least one plan voucher, special price voucher and combination voucher that can be renewed after the expiration of one month. Telecom operators currently offer such packages for 28 days.

“Each telecom service provider must offer at least one plan voucher, a special price voucher and a combined voucher that can be renewed on the same date each month,” the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) said in a tariff order on Thursday.

It clarified that if the date of such renewal is not available during a given month, then it should be the last date of that month. The supervisory authority has given 60 days for all carriers to follow.

In January this year, Trai had asked telecommunications companies to provide prepaid mobile charging plans with a 30-day validity, a move that had to reduce the number of charges made by a user over a year.

Trai cited representations from operators that raised issues that customers may face if the next charging date falls on the 31st of a month, or any day between January 29 and January 31. Furthermore, the deadline of two months to implement the order was not sufficient due to technical impossibility, said the carriers and sought more time.

India’s largest telecom operator Reliance Jio was launched 259 plan with calendar month validity earlier this week, to help prepaid users remember just one charge date each month.

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