Transform a small outdoor space with these key pieces

Create a welcoming patio even in the smallest space.

Garden Glory watering can; “Meena” outdoor pillow; “Tallow” umbrella; “Corso” rocking chair.

Where to buy: Garden Glory watering can, $ 119, from Botanex. Freedom “Meena” outdoor pillow, $ 15. Sunday Supply Co. “Tallow” umbrella, $ 399. Coco Republic “Corso” rocking chair$ 1495.

“Carrie” lamp; “Force 2” grill; “Pelago” sun lounger.

Where to buy: Key piece Menu laptop “Carrie” lamp is ideal for eating outdoors. $ 418, from the House. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal “Force 2” barbecue, $ 999, from Harvey Norman. Skagerak “Pelago” deck chair$ 3600, from Oski + Lotti.

“Linea” weatherboard cladding; “Brusen” sofa; “Our” pot.

Where to buy: James Hardie “Line” weather plate cladding, about $ 63 per square foot. Ikea “Brusen” couch, $ 499. Capra Designs “Spring” pot$ 89.

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