Suspect in Murder of Off-Road Cyclist Is Arrested in Costa Rica

A woman who had been named as a suspect in the murder of a rising mountain bike star in Texas last month has been arrested in Costa Rica, authorities said on Thursday, ending a 43-day search. The U.S. Marshals Service said the suspect, Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, had been found at a Santa Teresa Beach hostel … Read more

Equity in Sports Has Focused on Gender, Not Race. So Gaps Persist.

1998, Traci Green and her Florida teammates posed with an NCAA trophy in ladies’ tennis after defeating Duke in five of six games. Green, who received a full scholarship to Florida, smiled proudly, graciously. “I knew I was a beneficiary of Title IX, because of history,” Green, 43, said in an interview, acknowledging the opportunities … Read more

Tour de France Preview: Pogacar Leads the Way Once Again

The Tour de France is preparing to roll out of the starting gate again on Friday, with this year’s race featuring a dominant young champion, a climb up the famous Alpe d’Huez and the debut of a ladies’ multi-stage race after the men’s competition ends. Here’s what we know about this year’s edition: How can … Read more

Concerns, Complaints and a Suicide Shake Chelsea F.C.

LONDON – A month after a stressful month, problems began at Chelsea FC Nearly a dozen employees in the club’s marketing department said they had come to expect to be scolded by their boss in front of colleagues. Others said they had dealt with his anger in a more humiliating way, ordered to stand up … Read more

With a Throwback Style, He’s Charging Forward

“I lost every time,” he said. “I did not want to try again.” And yet, in the midst of all this online game pessimism, there is Cressy, a full 6 feet-6 of him, plus the mop of dirty blonde curls that give him an extra inch or two. He comes in behind his first serve, … Read more

U.S.T.A. and the Armory Show to Bring 5 Artists to the U.S. Open

Armory Off-Site, a program for the Armory Show, has partnered with the United States Tennis Association to showcase sculptural works at the US Open by five artists from marginalized communities. The works will be displayed throughout the Open, Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, in late August and early September. The partnership is based on … Read more

‘Just Be Smart’: Yankees Look to Manage Workloads

In a season where almost everything has gone right for the Yankees, their rotation led the American League in the ERA and won over the compensation until Tuesday. Keeping it that way, as the season goes on, will involve careful workload management for two of the team’s brightest stars: Nestor Cortes and Luis Severino. Cortes, … Read more