Vikram Prabhu: Nothing comes easy in life and Taanakkaran is proof for that

Vikram Prabhu in the lead role Taanakkaran will have a live digital premiere at Disney + Hosts on April 8. Ahead of the film’s release, the creators organized a trailer launch event in Chennai. The event saw the actors and crew members talk about their filming experience and talk about their expectations of the film.

Taanakkaran marks the directorial debut for Tamizh, who is known for his roles in films such as Asuran and Jai Bhim. The film is about the difficulties that young cadets face in a police training camp. The director, who is a police officer at the time, has gained real experience in writing the script.

As they spoke at the event, all the actors remembered the strenuous filming experience in Vellore. The film was shot during the April-May season and most of the actors revealed that they had a hard time coping with the burning weather.

Paval Navageethan, who plays an important role in the film, called Taanakkaran the most demanding film of his short career. “We filmed for about 60 days for the film. We started filming at 06.00 and it would last until 02.00. Some days were really hard, like this case when we filmed on top of a hill with the sun scorching. Vikram Prabhu, who shot with me, turned around and asked, “are you really sure director Tamizh is your friend?”

Paval also credited the hundreds of unforeseen crew members for doing their best for the film. He also added that the film will be an eye opener for many. “We tend to pass judgment on police officers, but this film will show where they come from and why they are tough.”

Producer SR Prabhu also reiterated the same thoughts when he said that there will be a newfound respect and sympathy for the police after the release of Taanakkaran. He also clarified the decision to choose an OTT release at a time when cinemas are back to full occupancy. “After the pandemic, we have noticed that only big films do well in cinemas and that smaller films end up in between. Films such as Taanaakaaran should not go unnoticed and we wanted to take it to a wider audience. Of course, the business opportunities were also attractive. “

The event also saw an emotional moment when the film’s female lead Anjali Nair remembered a crew member named Nagesh, who died in an accident. A tearful Anjali said, “I want his family to know that Nagesh will always be in our hearts. I wish you peace wherever you are, Nagesh.”

Director Tamizh also remembered Nagesh as one of the most dedicated people on the set. Referring to the crew members’ complaints about the exhausting recording experience, the director said that the motive required such an attitude. “It was so tough that towards the end some of my team members, including Vikram Prabhu sir, stopped talking to me. Only then did I realize how much I had made them work. I apologize to you all now.”

Vikram Prabhu sounded hopeful when he acknowledged by saying: “Nothing comes easy in life and Taanakkaran is proof of that. We have worked so hard for this film. Photographing in Vellore during the high summer was extremely stressful. There were times when I almost fainted. But I hope our efforts will not go in vain. “


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