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As the cases of Covid-19 increase in China, the authorities go to great lengths to curb the spread of infection, including, apparently, even testing coronavirus shellfish.

A video of a medical worker sweeping a live fish in what appears to be a wet market in Shanghai was posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo on Monday and shared by the South China Morning Post on its YouTube channel two days later.

In the video, a couple of medical workers can be seen wearing full protective equipment. Another person, probably a fishmonger, holds a large fish in his mouth, while one of the medical staff wraps the inside of the fish’s mouth around and around several times.

The worker says to the man holding the fish: “Please do not release it.” The fishmonger can be heard laughing when he replies, “Do not worry, it will not bite you.”

After the swab, the fishmonger releases the fish, which quickly splashes back into a tank with several other fish.

Yahoo! News reports that the video shown at Changsha Broadcasting Station had received 2.3 million views since it was shown.

Curious netizens have asked if the fish will need to be quarantined if it tests positive for the coronavirus, while others said it was a “waste of resources”, the report added.

The testing of seafood in a wet market should not come as a surprise, as speculation about the origin of the coronavirus’ transmission to humans revolves around the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, which is considered “Ground Zero” for Covid-19.

March 31st The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported 4,144 asymptomatic cases and 358 symptomatic Covid cases.

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Most of the 26 million people living in Shanghai, China’s most populous city, were locked up on Friday (April 1), although local cases had fallen for the second day in a row, Reuters reported.

Residents of Shanghai in its eastern and western districts must now stay at home. They are not even allowed to go out with their dogs or take out the rubbish.

Non-essential businesses in many parts of the city have closed, and public transport in the areas affected by the closure is at a standstill.

The city council has said that the locking will be lifted in stages.


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