What Are Ancillary Services in Healthcare?

What is an ancillary service?

An ancillary service, also known as an unincorporated service or an out-of-hospital benefit, is the provision of a particular service, that is not provided by any hospital, doctor or health care professional, by the nonprofit patient-paid health insurance (PPHI) or health maintenance organization (HMO) or by private health insurance companies. A facility or supplier that provides an ancillary service is known as the ancillary service provider. Ancillary services are classified as services that are provided by physicians or health care professionals, or services that are not provided by any hospital or health care professionals.

Hearing services

Home health care services

Home infusion therapy services

Home health care services

Home health care services

Home infusion therapy services

There are many ancillary services provided in the United States as well as throughout the world. In United States, acute care hospitals offer the majority of ancillary services. However, physician practices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities may have services that are not covered by an insurance company’s network. This means that those who require these ancillary services will have to pay out of pocket.

Home healthcare

Another type of ancillary service that patients in the United States may not receive is home healthcare. Home healthcare, also referred to as in-home care or home health aides, is an a subcategory of ancillary services.

Home health care services

Home infusion therapy services

Home health care services for a Medicare beneficiary include services provided by community health center, palliative care, and rehabilitation centers.

Home health care for a beneficiary may include:

Maternity care

Breast feeding

Hearing care

Home health care services to maintain home health care include:

Make home visits for care coordination

Manage prescriptions and labs

Prepare meals for people with limited physical mobility

Perform toileting and bathing

The more a senior needs or wants health care, the more services a Medicare health plan will offer. Your Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO plan should be ready to help you select the most suitable plan based on your needs.

Home infusion therapy services

Home-based, non-physician providers have increased in popularity over the last few decades.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, an estimated 5.5 million Americans used home-based physicians in 2013.

Home-based physician services (HBPCS) is the use of a person’s home or local area as a medical service center. Home-based physicians provide services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language therapy in their home, after hours, and on weekends.

Home-based physicians have been found to provide access to care to populations, such as persons with disabilities and those with drug or alcohol addictions, that conventional outpatient providers may have difficulty reaching.


This article will provide you with the necessary knowledge to be aware of ancillary services in the healthcare system. A well-versed patient who is fully informed of their options can be a more efficient and profitable patient as well.

Patients who know what ancillary services are, and understand their value, will make wiser health care choices and put more money back in their pocket.

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