What Do Car Insurance Inspectors Look For?

What car insurance inspectors look for

Photo inspection company Photoschool.com has conducted numerous vehicle inspection reports for its customers over the past 20 years. It is possible to view their own video of the inspections they have performed for their customers. Photoschool’s photos of typical inspections by insurance companies are extremely helpful for understanding what inspection inspectors look for when looking at a vehicle. Inspection companies will look for wear and tear. For example, after an accident, a car may have damaged body panels that need to be repaired before the vehicle can be put on the road again. Failure to report this damage could lead to a future insurance claim being denied. Inspectors will also look for fuel, emissions, and emission tests.

The importance of car inspections

Insurance companies review these inspections and send a report. If a vehicle is determined to be in need of repair, the insurer will likely award the customer a better settlement if they choose to repair the issue themselves rather than wait for it to be fixed by the insurance company. When buying a used car, an inspection is a required part of the purchasing process and it helps ensure you’re getting the right car and not buying an unsafe vehicle.

Documentation: Photographs can also be used to back up the reported problems. Without a visual record of issues, it may be difficult to prove that the vehicle has issues or whether they’re in line with the stated repair work done by the vendor.

How can I prepare my car for inspection?

You can help your car in various ways to be ready for inspection.

Get some advice from the mechanic who owns the garage where you usually take your car for service. This is not necessary if you frequently work with the same garage, but you can ask if they’ve ever been an inspector. It’s also wise to get a reference for your mechanic or dealership from someone you trust.

Many inspection sites like CarProof and FindaRepair provide additional tips for prepping your car for inspection. Also be sure to check your owner’s manual for important repair-related instructions.

What are some benefits of photo inspections?

Photo inspections help prevent car theft and other forms of insurance fraud by providing proof of insurance coverage when needed. The photos make it easier to prove when a driver bought insurance and when the drivers’ insurance has lapsed. In addition, photos show what condition of the vehicle is when a claim was filed. The inspection also improves transparency, especially when a driver was involved in a car accident and the car inspection showed the car wasn’t the only car involved. Insurance companies can easily investigate if other insurance companies were involved. Photos show what the car looked like before, during, and after the accident.

Many drivers who are denied coverage claim the insurer didn’t verify the car’s stock mileage or inspection report.


Before you buy an auto insurance policy, it’s wise to understand how the inspector’s photos and reports are used. If the car is inspected without problems, you may not want to spend a lot of time checking it out. However, you still might want to get a copy of the inspection report to check it for things you don’t normally look for, like a possible recall or unrelated damage. Don’t ignore any serious issues found in the inspection report.

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