What is Attune Insurance?

What is Attune Insurance?

Attune is licensed in 50 states and currently offers its customers the ability to quote and bind Business Owners’, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Liability Excess, Professional Liability, and General Liability policies in minutes for hundreds of small-commercial classes.

At Attune, we understand the difference between quoting and binding.

Matching Risk: Attune actuarial team has identified insurance risk and driven our business to target each market segment for specific types of coverage.

Benefit Presentation: Attune go beyond open enrollment and provide detailed quotes and bindings in an effort to ensure policyholders understand their coverage.

A fast lane to Marketplace: Attune quotes and bindings are available to policyholders immediately.

Section 2: Benefits for Business Owners

Claims Payment Options: Attune provides flexible payment options that support the needs of business owners.

Risk Transfer: Business Owners’ policies can allow a customer to transfer the risk to their chosen carrier and away from Attune.

When can I get an online quote?

This is a mobile-first experience for our agents who are all set up to be on the road to providing quotes for you. As soon as your client fills out a short form and clicks the “Notify” button, you can tell them that a quote is available.

When is the best time to get a quote?

Answer a couple of quick and simple questions. Don’t forget to add policies, credit scores, and benefits. Attune generates your quotes and emails you in minutes so you can move on with your busy day.

How do I get the best quote?

Set up a few quick questions about your business and policy types. Provide a credit score, purchase info, and a benefit amount. Attune is fully integrated with the rest of the Easy to Use platform and you’ll receive all of your best-fit quotes in seconds.

How do I get started with Attune Insurance?

Sign up for the free AttuneInsurance.com trial to begin the claim process and you are ready to go! If you like what you are seeing, switch your policy to a premium account (starting at just $33) and take advantage of our free independent agent certification program. If you are already insured with Attune, you can now skip the call center altogether and take advantage of the insurer’s new streamlined online customer service and claims handling for your most sensitive business needs.

Property & Casualty coverage for a medium-sized business or a corporation located in any state

Business Owners’ and Workers’ Compensation coverage in addition to Small Commercial coverage

Increased rates when your policy renews

Free agent course to help you achieve your long-term success


There is little doubt that the opportunity of digitizing the entire insurance process is here and is quickly taking hold. The entire industry is moving toward cost reduction and speed of service. The industry needs to embrace and innovate with what is coming to ensure a strong future and future profitability for all. The biggest issue will be selecting the platform with the right functionality and the right capabilities. Both of these components are what make the difference in terms of future success for both the clients and the insurers.

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