What Is DUI Insurance in California

What Is DUI Insurance?

A DUI is drunk driving. Police officers who observe a motorist driving erratically or otherwise driving while intoxicated, issue a citation to that motorist and then require the driver to pull over. If the driver fails to obey the officer’s orders and fail a breathalyzer test, he or she can be arrested for drunk driving.

Most people don’t have drunk driving insurance, because it isn’t worthwhile to pay for coverage for the rare day they might get into an accident while they were intoxicated. Instead, they simply don’t drive. But in California, drivers with a DUI, even on a single occasion, are not eligible for coverage.

Why Is It So Expensive to Get DUI Insurance in CA?

Some Californian consumers question why a DUI charge is any different than reckless driving or an at-fault accident. They find it shocking that an intoxicated driver with zero points on their license is subject to the highest premiums on the market. Here are a few reasons for their confusion:

Insurance Rate Increases — The rates for a DUI vary wildly from area to area. This is because of the widespread availability of cheap no-limit insurance plans in the state. These plans, offered by small, online insurance providers, are often offered as the cost-effective option to consumers with significant DUI convictions. What most customers fail to realize is that these plans rarely include an option to reduce the policy’s coverage.

How To Find Cheap DUI Insurance in California

Fortunately, most insurance companies will be more than happy to take a second look at your situation. They may see your DUI as an outlier, as we did — a bad accident that has been exacerbated by age or other factors. If that’s the case, you’ll likely get a much cheaper quote. If not, you might have to fight for your rates to remain the same.

To try to prevent this, we asked Auto-Rates.com to find us a reliable provider in California with the right combination of financial strength and reputation.

Is it Possible to Get A Cheaper DUI Insurance?

Certainly — you can actually find a significantly cheaper rate than you would get if you had been convicted of a DUI elsewhere in the country.

California DUI insurance premiums are some of the most costly in the United States.

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