Woollahra Council says no to Dave Sharma billboard

The Liberals’ attempt to retain Wentworth’s former blue-band seat has come to a standstill with the City Council requesting that Dave Sharma’s sign in Edgecliff be removed.

While the federal election has not yet been announced, the unofficial campaign is well under way in the place where Sharma faces a high-profile challenge from independent candidate Allegra Spender, as well as Labor’s Tim Murray and Dominic Wy Kanak of the Greens.

Wentworth MP Dave Sharma’s sign on the side of the Edgecliff Center. Woollahra Council has ordered the developer to remove it as no advertising is allowed on the building.

Mr Sharma’s sign came up in early March on the side of the Edgecliff Center, near the train station and a few meters from both his and Spender’s campaign offices.

In a letter received by Solhärolden and Sunday age, The Woollahra Council wrote to the owner of the building on March 16, announcing that they intended to issue a removal order because it did not comply with the Council’s regulations. When the council formally issues the order, the owner has 14 days to follow.

A council spokesman said no advertising, whether political or public, was allowed on the west wall of the Edgecliff Center, and the council had ordered the removal of advertising from the same site earlier.

“Under the DA terms, the content is limited to the name of the building and the names / logos of its tenants, without advertising allowed on an individual basis,” the spokesperson said.

“As an apartment building, the condition was set to ensure that limited advertising space was shared fairly evenly, with an emphasis on business identification rather than unnecessary graphics or general advertising for products, goods or services.”

The spokesman said that the council had received a complaint from a resident but nothing directly from political candidates. The campaigns of Labor, The Greens and Spender have denied involvement.

Sharma said that his campaign had not received a complaint or any correspondence from the council about this, and that it was a matter for the building owner. The building owner did not respond to a request for comment sent via the real estate company CBRE.

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