Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update May 14: Akshara-Manjari prepare breakfast for everyone, Harsh isn’t pleased

After Akshara’s first night at Birla’s house, it’s time for her “pehli-rasoi” in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. She is happy to cook for her new family for the first time. However, there is nothing but disappointment over her fate when she finds out how much birlan values ​​these rituals. Kairav ​​becomes restless and worries about Akshara while his family comforts him. (Read also | Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update May 13: Abhimanyu leaves Akshara alone on his first day in Birla house)

Aksharas pehli rasoi

Abhimanyu has not returned yet, poor Akshara decorates the room to surprise him. Meanwhile, Aarohi reaches the hospital and asks Abhimanyus for help in the case. They both go together to treat their patient. Harsh hopes to create a team of them as they clear out their differences. Akshara dreams that Abhimanyu will return home but her wish was never fulfilled. Finally, Abhimanyu was able to return home. He rushes to his room, notices the decoration and looks for Akshara. He sees Akshara sleeping on the sofa and waiting for him with his shirt in his hand. He apologizes to her for being late and puts her to bed.

The next day, when Akshara wakes up, she is surprised to see Abhimanyu lying on the floor next to her. Abhimanyu comforts her for leaving her alone all day, and Akshara forgives him. It seems that Akshara’s first challenge is finally over, but her next fight is not far off. She gets dressed and asks Manjari to help her cook for everyone. Manjari tells her about the family’s routines – fruit and cereal for breakfast and the rescue staff.

Akshara is disappointed to know that no one cares about this ritual and the staff has already prepared everything. Manjari advises her to make pudding for everyone. She makes Manjari’s favorite pudding and Manjari is all the hearts of her dear daughter-in-law. Harshvardhan, on the other hand, is not amused. He despises the pudding and scolds Manjari for not knowing better.

Mahima also tells Akshara not to worry too much about rituals, as they still do not care about them. Akshara asks everyone to at least taste a little of the pudding. She serves them all but gets no appreciation. Akshara is slowly beginning to realize that Birlas is completely different from her own family. She worries about the coming challenges she will have to fear here. Her fears meet very soon afterwards.

Harshvardhan is obviously not happy with having a daughter-in-law who is not a doctor. He constantly despises her and Manjari for supporting Abhimanyu and Akshara. In the next episode, we will see the tension rise in Akshara’s life when Abhimanyu and Harsh have a huge fight. Abhimanyu will confront Harsh for disrespecting his wife and mother. Harsh, in turn, will be upset with both him and Akshara.

How will Akshara handle this new drama in her life? Will she be accepted at all by her in-laws? Keep an eye on this space for more.

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