‘Zenless Zone Zero’ is a new game by the developers of ‘Genshin Impact’

MiHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impacthas announced a new action role-playing game called Zenless Zone Zero.

The game, described as an urban fantasy title, takes place in New Eridu, a post-apocalyptic defense of humanity following a catastrophe known as “the sub-Hollow catastrophe”.

Immersions are portals to another dimension that let beings known as the etheric into our world.

The Etheral has destroyed much of human civilization, with New Eridu as the last refuge for mankind.

The people of New Eridu extract resources and technology from the monster’s domain to stay alive.

Players take on the role of a proxy – a guide that helps other people explore Hollows.

The announcement trailer shows a number of anime characters armed with a number of range and melee weapons including swords, double pistols, axes and machine guns.

The fight has an elegant and flashy look with what miHoYo describes as “a fluid, cinematic, action-oriented combat system” with players taking control of several characters similar to Genshin Impact.

The game will be released on PC and iOS, with registration for an initial closed beta available now via the game’s official website.

In other news, the gaming classification company Wata has been accused of “manipulating” the retro gaming market in a new class action lawsuit filed this week.

This after an almost hour-long investigation that Karl Jobst posted on YouTube last year.

The trial also claims that Wata took several months to rate and return games, when it actually promised that the process would take only 15 working days.

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